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Thursday, February 3, 2011


New year message from a friend:

I won't wish you have a year full of joy, as life is only complete with ups and downs. I wish you be able to cherish more the wonderful parts of life and,
be stronger to confront the challenges.

~ Bitter and sweet experiences should have the same weight in our lives as they both teach us something. ~


  1. 新年快乐!万事如意!心想事成! ^^

  2. Thanks. The same goes to you and thanks for always visiting my blog :) How was your CNY? Did you meet with the gang?

  3. yup!!on the 4th day we met up. met in dou mu gong,yam cha tim...^^
    everybody misses u a lot la...when u wanna come back o??or dun wan malaysia liao...:-(

  4. The fact is Malaysia does not want me liao...
    I miss you guys also... :(

  5. aiya, dont say fast finish your study,then can come back fast fast liao...^^

  6. Ok Ok.. Trust me, I will do it well and fast. hahaha The new uni is great :) really really is a good uni..